Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009

Life strikes again!

And it hit my baby. My precious PC. I was minding my own business and suddenly the PC froze. It had done that a couple of times in the last days, but it had none of that "hoooo~shit" feeling to it. Just.. you know.. a PC freezing. No big deal. Well, this time, it froze completly, turned itself off and left me all: riiiight.. and now what? I booted it again and it took a long time to boot and I really didn't need to see my screen to know that my PC was damaged. The screen didn't load fully anyway, all I'm seeing is a grey bar at the bottom of the screen and a zip-file on my desktop. I can't click anything and a friend, who came to my aid, thinks the motherboard got fried. If you can't trust ASUS to make good quality motherboards who can you trust? Gah!

I ordered a replacement and will try to fix the PC later today, though I'm rather anxious to do so. There is no guarantee that the problem was caused by the motherboard and not the power-supply unit, too. To make sure that a defunct power-supply doesn't damage the new ASUS-board I'd have to buy a new power-supply as well. Another 30-50 or so Euros because I like my PC to be silent. That's just it - I don't want to spent money on a busted system, if I could be forced to buy a brandnew one! So, here's to hoping the motherboard works. Last time it was the power-supply AND the motherboard, sigh - but that time my PC also burned. Smokes and flames, lol.

In the meanwhile no new art, sorry.

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