Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Sleep, where are you..?

The last two weeks have been filled with 16 hours of work. And I feel like I'm walking two steps ahead and running 5 backwards - not getting any results. Which is not true, I'm actually progressing. However, after all that time and effort I'd like to see some results. Some reward, something that actually means something, right? No, I'm not depressed or anything, just a bit grumpy from lack of sleep and I'm really looking forward to have something finished, it's just very frustrating that I'm not there yet. Too many stuff that's idling around, I guess and I really would like to have something to show. A result for pete's sake!

On a happier note: I won Anatomicae (cghub.com) two times in a row and was awarded an editor's pick. That doesn't mean I won the Pulitzer Price or whatever, but it does mean something - to me anyway and I had fun competing as well.

Arachne is progressing very well, but I deviated a lot from my previous plans. It's still the same painting - actually I never changed the concept from the moment I first put colors on the digital canvas - but what did change was the way I treated form, color, depth... well.. the painting style shifted from messy concept art to semi-realistic style and progressed even further. It's still very stylized, yet it feels like huge leap into the direction that I want to go. Soooo... I'll just have to be patient and not ruin what I have gained so far.

Now? Now I'm off to bed. Sooo tired...

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