Dienstag, 2. August 2011

The Monster

The monster - my new PC - still continues to give me trouble. It works just fine, but when I had to format the PC the first time something went wrong. The PC has two windows-partitions installed, which was just annoying but otherwise didn't cause any problems. Of course I didn't want two partitions - I specified that the first one should be deleted when I re-installed Windows, but somehow that did not happen. Now I tried to activate Windows and it did not work - because the serial is already in use.

My schedule for today: reformat the Monster again and making sure to delete the first installation of Windows, then re-install everything. Thankfully I haven't installed much so far. The Monster works beautifully when you ignore those problems. I'm a very fast and *cough* energetic sketcher and it felt very natural to sketch a little in Photoshop - hardly have reached the limit of the machine.

Wish me luck!

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