Donnerstag, 22. September 2011


Didn't do much painting or drawing this week because I managed to break my glasses and need a new pair of glasses. Am still waiting to hear from the optometrist because I have to order special glasses, meh. In the meantime I found an old pair of glasses and don't have to rely on my sunglasses anymore. That's what i get for stepping on my glasses. And I really liked those, too :(

The one drawing I started working is the first illustration for the comic I'm working on. It's on A3 sized paper, scanning will be interesting on my old A4 scanner, hahah. The paper is amazing for blueline-drawings, I love it. Still... I'm a bit nervous about inking as I have my sweet problems deciding on the look of the project. When inking I usualy go for a full inked style, but I want to color the comic, so I can't work on fully rendered inks. And what style of colors should I use, what style of painting? Gah, so many options! *explodes*

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