Montag, 14. November 2011

This is an expensive year

Adding to the numerous things I had to buy this year because.. things just break... I now need a new office-chair. The one I have at home is an odd IKEA-thing that I really liked but it's killing my back. The chair has no armrests, the pillow always tries to escape from under my butt and it's got nothing to back my... uh back. Why did I buy it in the first place? Probably because it was cheap. Here is a lesson well learned: Don't EVER buy a cheap chair unless you manage to get a cheap ergonomic chair from a sale. Keep away from cheap stylish furniture like the devil from holy water. My new chair will set me back hundreds of euros, but at least I have a chance to keep me healthy while working. Never guessed I'd ask for such a present from my parents (they'll give me some money making this my xmas-present 2011).

People: Stupidity costs money!

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