Samstag, 21. April 2012


Blizzard oppened beta for their two news games, Mist of Pandaria and Diablo 3 and what can I say? Both are awesome! Ok, the new Warcraft expansion would feel more awesome if players weren't... retarded. Seriously, I felt I was dealing with mindless zombies. Instead of listineing to tipps, people kept on spamming and clogging quest-NPCs, quest-items. BAH! The artwork created for the new expansion looks really nice, very colorful, but it fits. Diablo 3 is the complete opposite, very dark and moody. Texture and art are mindblowing. I've been playing Demonhunter with a friend who gave Monk a try and we both loved it. Will test the game later today as I have work to do. Something like that:

I've been meaning to pick up colorstudies for years, but never got around to really get into it. Now I mean to start kicking my ass and do it. I'm not forgetting the concepts for my comic-project - rather studying and working on that go hand in hand. If the comic is supposed to be in full color, then I can't have my coloring look like total crap, now can I...

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