Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Runny nose and painting

With Connichi 2010 just a few days away and still a few things to paint left, running to see various doctors and badly needing a haircut, I'm quite busy. Not to mention problems with my second girocard - somehow the bank got the account data mixed up and now I can't access my money. Well, at least it's still there, so hopefully I can get this sorted out quickly.

In the meanwhile I decided to got back to phase one with painting, to refresh my memory. You know, re-read about the basics. Perspective, color - you name it. Since most of my books are still in my old room at my parents place and thus they're useless to me, I thought: How do I do this? I'm not buying another book and while live courses are surprisingly cheap, I don't have the time to attend them. The internet has a tendency to divert my attention, but whatever - so, the internet it was and I remember wetcanvas.com.

I made a new email, a new photobucket account - just so I'd have a completely fresh start, be a total no-name and not feeling like I have to force myself to draw and show what I can paint. That's when my trouble with wetcanvas started, though. My first account was removed since I used part of my new e-mail to register. Security reasons, I can understand that perfectly and was rather happy, too. Who would say no to a board that actually tries to protect it's users? Not me. Nevertheless, I was a bit puzzled. I DID read the rules prior to my first attempt at registering and even read few threads in the forum itself - this is something I always do. It reduces confusion dramatically, don't you think? Well, after my first account was removed by a moderator, I went back to Wetcanvas and re-read the post, even tried searching for rules and reasons, hit the Text-search, tried searching for "Username" (as that was the reason for deleting) and came up with exactly: zero. nada. Nix. There was absolutely no rule, not even the "security reason" - rule and my username had not been demeaning or similar, maybe a bit silly... I shrugged it off and tried a second time. This time the moderator took it's sweet time until he or she decided to remove my second account as well. Reasons this time: same as before, except the parts that explained demeaning and insulting were a bit longer than in the first mail. WTF. Anyone who knows me, will also know that I'm not the kind of person who registers an account purely for fun and I never choose an insulting or otherwise inappropriate nickname. I also don't consider myself to be a total internet-Noob, but still there it was: another failed attempt at registering at Wetcanvas.com. Thinking that another attempt could be viewed as spam and also feeling a little bit miffed I decided not to register at all, but I still wrote them. That was a couple of days earlier and still no answer. Either they're too busy deleting accounts or they feel that my inquiry doesn't deserve to be answered. Either way, I won't bother anymore with them. Quite a shame, the site has numerous resources available - buuuuuut you need to register!

Still, being a completely selftaught artist-wannabe has it's drawbacks. Yes, you have a lot of freedom at your hands, yes, you probably work even more focused than any art-student, simply because you WANT to understand and learn... when it comes to applying techniques and searching for painting materials, you're totally on your own. You'll have to work and worm your way around, maybe you misinterpret an instructional photo and a book offers only "so much" info - sometimes you'll stumble on the proverbial "happy accident", still I feel like rummaging around in the dark lately. No longer the "go away, don't bother with art any longer" dark, just the "huh.. and what do I do NOW? and how does this and that work?" kind of dark.

Which is why I tried to get into an art-community other than conceptart.og, cghub and related. Those are advanced - which don't mind, but what i really want is going back to the start and see what I can learn still. Have you ever had those "AHA!" moments? When something you really puzzled over and just couldn't get at all suddenly falls into place? I had quite a few lately, it was both exciting and a great relief.

If you have any suggestions concerning art-resources that don't cost a thing, know another community like Wetcanvas (minus the annoyance I described in length), that would make me happy.

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