Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

The Annual Blogpost

Hrmm.. jupp, I'm realy bad at keeping my blog updated. Not that my life is that dull or whatever.. but.. well, most of the stuff happening isn't worth blogging about. But a dear friend of mine recently linked back to my blog right here and asked that I update more often and so did my colleague. So.. update, yay! My friends blog is titled Brainmoths. Go visit!

And so it's not a totally pointless post, i give you Sandor Clegane of A Song of fire and Ice. The next book will soon be published - for real this time! can't wait to read it.


  1. Woah, Thank you so much for linking to brainmoths! I really appreciate it.

    And a Song of Fire and Ice Design from you? That is amazing! I did not dare to watch the series so far and really wonder, how they portrayed him.
    I especially like the blemished skin on the (from the viewer) left side under the obvious scar. I would not like to cross this guy.
    I imagine him a bit more sleek and less hulky, BUT your version is way closer to the character as he really is brutal fighter for her majesty... at least in the beginning. Interesting, how even such characters get a proper development in the series.

    you really should post more. I love seeing your sketches... and never mind who or if people are watching. It's a great archive for yourself as well.

  2. One of my favorite illustrations of the Hound