Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Really do not know what to make of this

Cryptic headline is cryptic. Consider this: You're an artist trying "to make it" out there in the big wide world. The internet has become your weapon of choice to promote and interact in a way never seen before and you're a member of one of the biggest art-related communities there is. Every community has it's loosers and it's stars plus people stuck in-between. Some you talk to, some you like, some are your personal heros and others you can't ignore because they clogg the "frontpage" - getting faves and comments for everything they post. I'm not getting at "they don't deserve it" or "it's boring to see the same 4-5 people over and over again". This is something that probably happend back when the first caveman painted the first cave-paintings. Consider rather this scenario:

One of those artists did not paint those artworks for which she or he got the praise. Instead the paintings are a complex puzzle consisting of parts collected from dozens others artist's paintings. Sometimes these artists even work for the same company - meaning the company bought parts of the same image TWICE. The sheer scale of the fraud is mindblowing - considering the artist sells posters, calendars, puzzles (harrdeharr), artbooks and other merchandise worldwide. So far the artist in question has failed to give an answer. I don't even know if the companies and agencies who contracted the artist know about this disaster.

Is it a disaster? Yes.

This... "artist" based her/his whole career on nothing but fraud, lying to customers, friends, media, agencies and whoever wanted to give attention to the artworks. This artist is NOT the first, but the scale this case has reached is so far nearly uncontested.

Today I've found another part of the puzzle and contacted the artist that was ripped off.

As an artist myself I have no clue how to react to the affair, but I can hope that this case has an impact on the whole digital art scene. I do not wish this on anybody, but the fraud-artis has brought this on her/hisself, feeling sorry for this person is certainly inappropiate.

I continue to watch this case.

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