Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011

It's almost weekend!

And I plan to draw, draw, draw. But what? I would love to finish a painting, but I'm working on two comics as well. I think I need to finish the short comic first, so comic layouts it will be! Just can't show those to the publich since the comic is meant to be published. Yikes, it's it's almost november? Yep, I'll definetely be working on those pages '____'.

Also, I'm looking for a certain brush pen - made by ZEBRA. This is what the pens look like. These are perfect for drawing clean and precise lines - not what I want for my bigger comic project, but for small illustrations? oh yes. I only found these at german conventions and asked J-stuff if they would import these - alas they won't as they need to buy a big amount to profit from selling these pens. Does anyone have an idea how to get these pens? I have no idea how to import those from japan.. kind of funny, Zebra seems to be an american manufacturer yet only Zebra japan sells these >_>;

Ah... I'd love to buy new artsupply ;_;


  1. There is a shop I like to buy from.... whenever i don't cringe because of the insane shipping costs. They ship very fast - it took not even a week the last time, but... it's very, very expensive. But maybe, if we shop together...

    I checked for Zebra pens. They have one kind of zebra gel pen, but not the one you are looking for. But check these out - the auswahl is amazing O_O

  2. oh and i found this page


    the shipping costs start at 37$ : /