Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

The total Damage

The total Damage sums up to:

- broken down couch
- broken pair of glasses
- broken vacuum cleaner
- 3 broken glasses
- had to replace the shower curtain

And other assorted  things I've forgotten right now.  Oh yeah, the guestbed is leaking air, I might as well well throw that away too. Berlin seems to have no free trash-pickup service, so I'll have to pay for that as well @_@. It's so not my year finance-wise, but with the exception of my glasses it was to expected that things just break, it's almost my 5th year in Berlin. Only why did they have to break in a matter of 2 weeks?

Spend my vacation with a friend and she dragged me to a Jrock concert. Versailles, a japanese Visual Kei band. I'm not interested in that kind of music or japanese music acts, but the band was good and the members seemed to be nice guys. The club has the best Bitter Lemon I've tasted to date, yumm.

Now I have time for my own projects again. And I wouldn't mind taking up commissions again, hinthint.

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