Freitag, 10. Februar 2012


 Sometimes I wish I could upload some of the work I do at my job. Especially the last one I just finished. It's not so much a "oooh, shiny, loookatit!" kind of work, just one I'm really happy with because it's partly me. Most often than not I have to draw things, motifs that are just not me. There is that one time of the year (halloween) where I can get close to that, but usually I draw stuff I wouldn't touch in my own private time. And that's ok - it's the job and despite the little problem with what I have to draw here, it's an awesome job. It forces me to rethink a lot, especially concerning colors. That was a nightmare and it still is, but I think I made some good progress and finally found a way to keep my colors in check and that's helping me with my private work. What can anyone ask more? oh, right. to show that little thingy in public:D. Well, that's not going to be, so I'll just have to work harder on my private stuff so that I can show my progress online.  Stupid hand. Why did you have to break the wrist on your right hand? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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