Sonntag, 18. März 2012

Not my week

Actually, it WAS my week so to speak. I'm going through some difficulties that were inevitable, not pleasant, but necessary. Doesn't mean I have to like it nor that it doesn't take its toll on me. Add a few visits to several doctors to that and you end up with a desperate need for some R&R. At least I get some results tomorrow and the day after that I'll have the diagnosis of my right wrist. IF it's broken, then I expect it to be healed :/ the splint did help and if I don't turn and twist my hand too much then it doesn't hurt anymore. Nearly two!! months between the MRI and the diagnosis, this is so not cool.

With the change in my personal life I expect changes in my art as well - at least I hope I'll see some changes. Like drawing more and more as soon as  the fog in my head clears up. AND pick up artstudies again, asghadaurks. I simply had not enough room in my life for anything serious painting, which made me really sad... and angry. I mean, art is my job and it's been part of my life since forever, it SHOULD not be neglected the way I did :(. Guildtrip much? Oh yeah.

So, here is to the next weeks! May it be the beginning of something new, great, sparkling and happy! Yay! (no, I'm not on happy pills, haha :P )

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