Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

I've decided

I've been trying to improve my art in forever, but over the years I got stuck. I thought, my steampunk comic could solve my problems if I take one step at a time. The comic touches all aspects that I can't draw. Architecture, cars, technical stuff, lively characters... It makes you wonder why I burden myself with such a project, right? All these things - houses, cars etc. are topics that I personally like. Put me in a museum with historical cars and I'd be just as happy as when I go to a zoo (except if said zoo has a hippo-pond). Subject and topic of my steampunk project are not the problem. It's my attidude. I know that I can't improve in 2 weeks, it's a step by step business and yet, I still burden myself too much and force too much. Just started a random portrait and even if I struggle a little, it's still so much better than any of the stuff I've worked on lately. Because I could just relax and paint. I know how to paint faces and that's just the truth behind my problem.

I need to train and draw more. And that's why I'm putting away all colors for now and I'll work with pencils. Still need to finish the character sheets, but those will be the last colorworks for my steampunk project for a while. Need to go zen, haha :D and once I'm more comfortable with what I do, then I can worry about color again.

The goal is still a full color comic ready for print! But the road doesn't have to be that frustrating and rocky.

Speaking of zoo - I'll be visting the Berlin Zoo for the first time since I moved here in 2007. Maybe I'll post some photos  - I just hope the hippos aren't camera-shy!

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