Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

What a niiight!

Friday was my last day of my vacation, boooooo! I needed a vacation and it was awesome. Well, awesome on my very own personal scale. Others may book a trip to the Southpole and do something really mindnumbing awesum... me, I'm happy that I got stuff done. And that I finally got to see the Hippos in the Berlin Zoo.

Aren't they cute? So big, so... bootiful!. Lew was a perfect tourguide.

Some other animals:

An endangered Poitou-Donkey. 

One of many nutrias.

Also, I met Gab, her husband and his colleague by chance when I went to see The Avengers today. The movie was really good and we spent some time at a fancy bar afterwards.

And I was busy drawing stuff. You can check out about 3 hours of pixel-pushing on my Livestream account. This is just a preview. Klick me

It's scary, I think, I'm developing something resembling a social-life. You have to squint real hard and use a big magnifying glass, but it's there. Shhhh! Don't scare it away! :P

More updates when I actually finish stuff I'm working on.

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